We have a long-standing open recruitment policy. If you are interested in joining, please review the agreement and follow these instructions. The only account you need to create is a Discord account if you do not already have one.

Choose a Final Fantasy Character

Our community has a Final Fantasy theme meaning you must choose a Final Fantasy Character as your persona. Any characters listed on the Final Fantasy Record Keeper wiki are acceptable. We will also accept characters not on this list as long we can verify the character is from a Final Fantasy game. Spin-offs are included.

If the character was previously used by a past member, it can be re-used. The character you chose must be inactive for at least 6 months. When re-using, the past member using the name will be versioned such that a numerical digit will be appended to their name for historical and archiving purposes. The new member (you) will not have a digit in your name.

Start a dialogue with a Leader or Judge for any clarification and help on trying to decide on a character or re-using a previously inactive character.

Join the Discord Server

Use this invite link to join the Discord server. We will set your name to the Final Fantasy Character agreed upon. Once your character has been validated, you will be granted access to the rest of the server.