FFC Avatar Archive

I was looking through my old hard drives as part of a clan history project I'm working on, and came across the set of avatars I had made for the entire FFC clan during my tenure there. I thought I'd share them here for anyone to use or just look at since it was a large collection. They don't say FFC on them so they are perfectly usable anywhere.

I was trying to go for something cohesive by keeping the same styling on all of them, and the colors matched their forum at the time. I couldn't use a consistent font size because some members had long names. I remember this project taking me about a week or two. The time consuming part was finding good base images and cleaning them up before I could apply my filters and styles.

Balthier « on: May 12, 2012, 04:15:35 PM »

Original Collection


Throwback Collections

To commemorate the 2 and 3 year anniversaries of FFC's disbanding, I created additional avatars by member request. This was available on the forums for a limited time of 1 month in May of the corresponding year. They were known as Throwback Collections.