FFC Clan History

This is the last published history of the Final Fantasy Chronicles clan (FFC). It was taken from their website shortly after they disbanded in May of 2010.

Originally Posted by FFC-Butz, June 23rd, 2006

FFC was founded on June 20, 2006. Its founders were FFC-Butz, FFC-Frost, and FFC-Yuffie. Their history did not start there, it began in a different clan, a clan called FFE. In the beginning FFC-Butz was actually FFE-Butz, FFC-Yuffie was FFE-Yuffie and FFC-Frost was FFE-Kain. Butz was the leader of FFE, and Yuffie and Frost were council members of FFE. Their vision for FFE was different than some members, they wanted an active, gaming, and chat clan that everyone could enjoy. This was hard to do because some of the division leaders would not do their job correctly and were extremely lazy. One day FFE-Valefor (Avalanche Division Leader), and FFE-Vincent (Left the clan, and then came back) started a rebellion against Butz, saying that he was a bad leader, didn't listen to the members, and was leading FFE like a Nazi. Vincent and Valefor brainwashed half of the members and split into another clan. Frost and Yuffie stood by Butz's side along with other members. Butz apologized to the members for not showing them respect. After the rebellion ended, Valefor, Vincent, And Lulu (Another member of the rebellion) demanded to have Ops, even after backstabbing Butz. Butz did, in fear that they would start another rebellion, but then he thought again. He did not have the same vision for FFE as the members of the rebellion had, they wanted a Town Square, Butz wanted a real clan.

Butz decided to leave FFE with this message.

My fellow FFE Members,

Although I have gone through great times with some of you, I'm afraid I must depart. I'm afraid my vision of FFE can't happen. After the rebellion that took place June 19th, my image has been ruined. After seeing the members siding with everyone so quickly, my leadership is never going to be the same as it used to be. I wanted FFE to be not only a good place to chat, but a good place to game. FFE cannot be this due to immaturity that lies within the clan. Sooner or later, FFE will turn into Town Square, nothing but chatting and immature comments. If you want a gaming clan.. follow me. Yuffie and Kain are joining me to a new clan. Anyone else that wants to come is welcome.

Many members decided to join Butz, Yuffie, and Frost, including Biggs, Golbez, Loz, Ashton, Fei, Rufus, BlackMage, Firion, Kiros, Basch, Aeris, Reno, and Odin.

FFC has simple goals to create a clan with respect, maturity, and honor. We already have many members who live by those goals. FFC will stand out among the rest, lets have a good time!


  • FFC-Butz - Inactive
  • FFC-Yuffie - Inactive
  • FFC-Rinoa - Current Leader of FFC
  • FFC-Rufus- Co leader of FFC

Shamans Members of the Turk related rank

  • FFC-Delita - Quit FFC
  • FFC-Frost - Quit FFC
  • FFC-Golbez - Quit FFC
  • FFC-Shiva - Quit FFC
  • FFC-Reno - Inactive
  • FFC-Rude - No longer a member
  • FFC-Rikku - Quit FFC
  • FFC-Algus - No longer a Turk but still a member
  • FFC-Biggs - No longer a Turk but still a member
  • FFC-Tseng - Quit FFC
  • FFC-Cid - No longer a member
  • FFC-Odin - No longer a Turk but still a member

Current Turks

  • FFC-Eden