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June Update
« on: June 23, 2017, 08:04:29 PM »
We have finished most of our short term plans and daily operations are running once again through Discord! There have been lots of improvements and changes since the last post, and many more planned. It's amazing how much has changed in one month!

Document Changes
  • About updated the clan description, mission, leadership, and role descriptions.
  • Clan Agreement updated to include rule about Final Fantasy Character requirement, and removed multi-clanning rule.
  • Recruitment process updated with clear instructions and an invite link for Discord.
  • Tweeted for the first time in three years!
  • BattleTags have been removed and will be re-introduced in the future (possibly under a different name)

Technical Changes
  • Discord has been setup for official chat communications.
  • All official clan documents are now versioned using Git.
  • New bookmark icon for Safari. Simply bookmark in Safari to see it. You can also  "Add to Home Screen" in Safari on iOS to see it as an app.
  • Site is now entirely https (secure!). The only exception are some remote user assets (remote avatars, signatures, and images in posts). You can update your profile avatar / signatures to use https instead of http.
  • Forums cleaned up for better viewing on mobile.

We are currently exploring ways to integrate the Forum accounts together with Discord accounts. We are also in the process of upgrading the forums to something that looks and works really great! It is currently in beta and we will start using it when it is finished and the migration is successful.

We are also looking at new ways to present news and clan documents outside of the forums to improve presentation and make it more appealing to join.

Thank you to everyone for making all this possible!
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