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Recruitment Policy
« on: April 23, 2011, 01:12:06 PM »

As of right now, the Ivalice Alliance has an open recruitment policy. If you are interested in joining, please follow these instructions.

1. Choose a Final Fantasy Character
The clan has a Final Fantasy theme meaning you must name your clan account after a Final Fantasy Character. Any characters listed on the Final Fantasy Record Keeper wiki are acceptable. We will also accept characters not on this list as long we can verify the character is from a Final Fantasy game. Spin-offs are included.

If the character was previously used by a past member, it can be re-used. The character you chose must be inactive for at least 6 months. When re-using, the past member using the name will be versioned, meaning they will have a numerical digit appended to their name for historical and archiving purposes, while the new member (you) will not have a digit. The character is re-used, but the forum account is new meaning it will a different ID.

Start a dialog with a Leader or Judge for any clarification and help on trying to decide on a character or re-using a previously inactive character.

2. Register for an Account on the Forums
Create an account by clicking "Register" towards the top, or this link. Read the terms carefully before agreeing. Make sure you fill out the applicable information accurately for the information you have chosen to provide. Entering a valid e-mail address will ensure you can recover your password if you ever forget it. Forum accounts should omit any tags.

3. Join the Discord server
Use this invite link to join the Discord server. You should use your Final Fantasy Character name as your nickname. You may be asked to verify your forum account information. Once verified, you will be granted access to the rest of the server for chatting.
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